Work Life + Introversion

I think that a lot of people assume that I am extroverted. I get it. I’m chatty, bubbly, outgoing, and the list goes on to include every adjective of someone who likes to talk. The truth is…I’m introverted. While I may be talkative when in a social setting, I get my energy by recharging alone. […]

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Holidays + Anxiety

I love the ~idea~ of holidays. Great food, fun cocktails, and catching up with people you love. Yet, it never seems to turn out that way – does it? We all know family get-togethers can be stressful and Instagram is full of memes about suffering through questions from that nosey aunt asking why you are […]

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WELCOME! In a world filtered with rose-colored glasses and girls perfectly smizing for gram, it can be hard to voice your own struggles. This is not to say I won’t post happy times, but overall I hope to share my journey as an anxious girl in a loud world. May the flowers remind us why […]

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